residential window coating film, uv skylight film, fade reducing glass filmResidential window coatings are used for many different reasons and can be applied to every kind of window or skylight. Residential window coatings are designed with the latest technologies, allowing for high-tech performance and a very natural look. Some of the performance values are: reduced fading, reduced solar heat gain, reduced or eliminated glare, and privacy. All of these materials eliminate 99.9% of the ultraviolet light and a large portion of the infrared light. These modern materials are designed with the view and the aesthetics of the home in mind. The view from within the home maintains perfect clarity and color, and the exterior look is not changed unless intended. These coatings are a perfect alternative to shades or blinds and actually out perform them while maintaining your view.

Privacy can be achieved by applying the right type of product. They no longer need to look like a mirror to gain privacy. A new ceramic technology has been developed that allows your windows to look natural (non-reflective) and create privacy. Another aspect of window coatings is the safety and security products available for your home. They can be used to protect inhabitants from flying glass during an earthquake or explosion and protect the family from intruders. These extremely strong products come in both a clear or a tinted version. With all of these products, a post installation finished look appears just like the window was constructed this way originally in the factory with no visible edges or bubbles. Click on the photos to read about the products installed or on the links below to visit the film manufacturer's website for product specifications and case studies. Call our office to setup an appointment for a free in-home estimate, or come by our office to look at samples.



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